Signal vs. Noise

In an overabundant world of information and hype, Perpetuate aims to be the most trusted partner.

A focused approach

Our focus is on sourcing and developing strong relationships with high-level talent.

Our approach is to ONLY partner with high growth & high tech product led companies in two locations: locally in QLD & in the Silicon Valley.

We do things differently

Our method of engagement is quite contrarian to others.

We do not advertise.

Perpetuate strategically and proactively engages with individuals once we have gathered pre-high-conviction of their talent and capability levels.

We conduct extensive due-diligence on their engineering culture, plus, their capital/ investment pipeline.

We distill our client portfolio to a list of 8-10 of the most attractive, interesting and stimulating product-led software companies in our ecosystem.

Stephen Tung from Perpetuate

Our founder

Founded by Stephen Tung in 2019, Perpetuate was born from the fundamental idea that the ‘best’ provide the ‘best’ – meaning surrounding yourself with great talent will PERPETUATE great things!

Stephen has 11+ years technical recruitment experience in the fields of programming, engineering, web development, cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation, operations and management.

Alongside his talent recruitment experience, Stephen also possesses 15+ years of business leadership, business development and operational management experience across various sectors. 

To find out more about Stephen and Perpetuate, connect with him via LinkedIn.