Connecting Tech and Talent

At the heart of every technology is the Software Engineer/Developer and Product person/s.They are our focus.

Specialist Recruitment Services

For Candidates

Perpetuate offers career opportunities with emerging Tech companies who are not only at the forefront of global Tech development, but also focus on sourcing and retaining top talent.

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For Companies

Perpetuate provides access to a select and highly sought after pool of talent. Represented talent is sourced exclusively via highly credible referrals and ecosystem networks.

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Start-Up Ecosystem Partners

Pre-Seed / Early-focussed VC

Flying Fox Ventures

Flying Fox Ventures is an early stage capital propelling Australian & New Zealand companies across the globe.

Product & ScaleUp Advisory

Product & ScaleUp Advisor

Chris Saad is a product & startup builder, serial entrepreneur & angel Investor. Writer. Former Head of Product @ Uber Developer Platform, co-founder of the DataPortability Project, podcaster and author.

Migration Agency for HyperGrowth Startups


Techvisa is a specialist Migration Agency offering a personalised migration service to recruitment agencies, businesses, and individuals. They simplify and manage the migration process for businesses, employee, and individuals.

Founder, Leadership & Performance Coaching

Toby Jenkins

Toby Jenkins is a leadership coach, Olympian and award winning entrepreneur and author. He loves helping founders and their teams work with the pressure that inevitably comes with important decisions, difficult conversations and ambitious opportunities. He helps them work towards their greatest impact and to be the person they want to be in the process.

Payroll & Compliance for Offshore Teams


An online platform that automates onboarding, payroll, and compliance.

Venture & Asset Management

QIC Ventures

QIC is a visionary asset manager. With local and global networks, QIC has access to quality alternative assets with a focus on infrastructure, real estate and private capital, as well as a specialisation in liquid market solutions.

HR for StartUps

The Professional Edit
The Professional Edit

Founded by Lily Eid, The Professional Edit delivers a range of career coaching, recruitment, and organisational development services to assist individuals excel in a career they love and organisations achieve best business outcomes.